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“Our mission is to treat each client with the highest standard of integrity, honesty & fairness while rendering a service that demands competence & excellence in determining and planning their personal financial needs.”

As an independent insurance agency and financial services organization, our most significant strength is our prominence and relationship with insurance companies that have a regional, national and global focus. We have worked hard to achieve prominent positions with our insurance companies. These long-term relationships enable us to better serve our clients. Often we can attain coverage and deliver services that aren’t readily available elsewhere.

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Life Events are those things that happen which make us who we are. Life doesn’t always go according to a plan but your financial strategy should. Focus on managing your money today, while saving and investing for tomorrow. Read More

Annuities are designed to give you the opportunity to grow your money while you’re working and the security of a steady income once you retire. Other than pensions, annuities are the only retirement products that can give you guaranteed income for life. Read More

Health Insurance a single illness can cause serious, and often irrevocable, financial hardship. Insurance of any kind is intended to transfer financial risk to an insurance company in exchange for a reasonable insurance premium. Read More

Insurance is the foundation for creating your financial plan, it helps to think of your plan like building a pyramid. Before you begin building wealth, build a solid foundation of insurance to help protect yourself from life’s pitfalls. Once you’re adequately protected, you can begin to build your plan upward with savings and investments. Read More

We are able to provide objective information to consumers and small business owners, helping them make informed decisions about their insurance needs. We compete against many direct writers such as Geico, AAA Insurance, State Farm, Allstate, and Farmers. Some of our top rated companies include Liberty Mutual, Safeco, Hartford, Travelers, Progressive, American Modern, and many more. Read More

We serve our clients with companies we trust. Some of our Trusted Companies!