Bachelor Degree: Business Management

Licensed Insurance Agent

Tax Preparer-Tax planning since 1980


Financial guidance

Married, mother of 3, grandmother of 5



My adult career has been made up of working in business management, bookkeeping, tax preparation and insurance sales. I have seen so many people ill prepared for retirement, paying for their child/children college, or the worst, an accidental death. Watching people I know & love going threw this compelled me to learn Individual and Group Health as well as Financial and Asset Protection Planning so that I may help people be bettered prepared.

Daily, I speak about:

1. How would your family survive with one income gone?

2. Where would the money come from to pay the mortgage,funeral, and daily living expenses?

3. How will you pay for your child’s college education?

4. The unthinkable-your child dies before you.

5. The most disturbing thing to me – That an individual has worked very hard their whole life and only have social security to provide for them in their retirement years.

I have seen these things happen time and again, it scared me very much, so much so, that I make it my job to protect every person I come in contact, so they do not have to ask themselves “What if” ever again. If the unimaginable happens; I know I have done my job because I will see the smile of relief on their face when I hand them the check.

My career in the business industry has taught me that customer service must always be excellent. My goal is to WOW my clients with my ability to see their family’s needs, communicate to them what I can do within their budget, produce their wants, all the while we ar growing together a deep personal relationship.